Fix rotated photos in a breeze

Automatically rotate your photos while viewing them

Ori3nt8 is a program that tries to automatically guess the correct orientation of your photos using a neural network and rotates them by correcting their EXIF metadata.

Download Source code

How do I use it?

  1. Backup your photos.
  2. Open a directory by pressing Ctrl + O, or selecting File > Open Directory.
  3. Select a photo in the file tree on the right. Only JPEG files are currently supported.
  4. The original orientation of the photo is indicated using a yellow rectangle. After a second or two, a green triangle should appear and the photo will be rotated automatically. The green triangle indicates the suggested orientation for this image. The orientation will be saved automatically.
  5. Move on to the next photo by pressing the right arrow on your keyboard. To select the previous photo, press the left arrow.
  6. You may disable automatic rotation by unchecking Edit > Automatically apply suggested orientation. After automatic rotation has been disabled, you may apply the suggested rotation by clicking "Apply" or pressing the spacebar.
  7. The image can be rotated clockwise by pressing D or counter-clockwise by pressing A.

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